Quilt Show Registration

Chambersburg Quilt Guild – Stitches in Time Quilt Show 2021

Registration Information – Show Quilts:

The Quilts will be on display at the Franklin County Visitors Center at 15 S. Main Street in
Chambersburg from September 28 until picked up on November 3 or 13. Specific times will be
posted when the Franklin County Visitors Center will be open for viewing.

Quilt Show registration will be available via email, mail or by appointment at the Franklin
County Visitors Center. We are encouraging members to submit their registration via email or
mail. You can use your phone to take a picture of your registration form (Both Sides) and your
Registration will be available at the Guild Spring Retreat to those who are attending and cannot
register by mail or email.
Entry Forms with photo can be emailed or mailed starting in May 2021 to Cindy Walker or Merry
Bush. Our addresses and email addresses are in the Directory on the web site. The last day to
register via mail or email is July 31, 2021.
The registration Committee will be accepting completed registration forms, photographing, and
measuring quilts by appointment at the Franklin County Visitors Center, or as otherwise noted,
for the following dates and times. Please contact Merry Bush, 717-253-7423 or Cindy Walker,
410-259-3060 for an appointment. The last day to register will be August 7, 2021.
May 1, 1-3PM at ShippenStitch in Shippensburg
Friday, May 21, 1-3 PM
Wednesday, June 16, 1-3 PM
Wednesday, July 14, 1-3 PM
Saturday, August 7, 1-3PM. at ShippenStitch in Shippensburg (Last Registration)
Registration forms will be available on the Web Site. We can register your quilt tops if they have
not been quilted at this time.

Registration Form Instructions

Registration Form Instructions
1. Quilt # – Will be completed by the Registration Committee. Number is assigned when
     form is logged into the registration log document during registration.
2. Exhibitor:
          a. Guild Member Name – Enter your name. 
          b. Phone Number: Enter your contact phone number.
          c. Email: Enter your email address
          d. Title of the Quilt: Required to identify your quilt. This will be the same Quilt Name
               that is on your Quilt Label. This information will be on the Quilt Show Card pinned
               to quilt.

         e. Width & Length: The top of the quilt is the Width measurement. This is used by
          the Layout Committee to assign the appropriately sized frames. Accuracy is
           important .   
        f. Quilted by: Guild Member or Quilting Service. This information will be on the Quilt
            Show Card pinned to the quilt.
        g. Value: $: Every quilt that is registered must declare a value for the quilt.

  1.  Quilt Construction: This information will be on the Quilt Show Card pinned to the quilt.
    a. Piecing Method: ( ) Machine ( ) Hand ( ) Other
    b. Quilting Method: ( ) Machine ( ) Hand ( ) Other
    c. Appliqué: ( ) Machine ( ) Hand ( ) Other
    d. Embroidery: ( ) Machine ( ) Hand ( ) Other
  2. Category: The Category is used by the Layout Committee to group like quilts together for
    special displays of quilts.
    a. Small – small scale pieced quilts
    b. Civil War
    c. Patriotic
    d. 4H Youth
    e. Cancer Tribute
    f. Other Entries – Other styles
  3. Sub-Category: The Sub-Category is used by the Layout Committee to group like quilts
    together where possible.
    a. Round Robin & Year
    b. Mystery & Year
    c. Challenge & Year
    d. Workshop & Year
  4. Quilt Narrative: Everyone enjoys reading about quilts and how they were inspired or
    created. Write a brief note (25 words or less) about your quilt. This information will be on
    the Quilt Show Card pinned to quilt. Please use the back of the form to write your
    Narrative. .
  5. Signature & Date: By entering this quilt in the Chambersburg Quilt Guild 2021 show, I
    agree to having this quilt on display from September 27 through November 13, 2021.


Quilt Drop-off

The Quilt Show is held at the Franklin County Visitor Center located at 15 South Main St.,
Chambersburg. Guild Members will bring their quilts placed in a pillowcase to the Quilt show
location on Tuesday, September 28, 10 AM – 2 PM at the Visitors Center or to Linda
Hartman’s house on Monday evening, September 27 between 5 PM and 7 PM at 763 Tristan
Trail, Chambersburg, PA 17202-7339, Cell phone 717-360-7110. The evening hours are for
Guild members who work during the day.
Each quilt must be placed into a separate pillowcase, with the Guild Member name, quilt name,
and phone number on the outside of the pillowcase. This will be returned to you, with your quilt,
when you pick it up.
A quilt hanging sleeve and a cloth label must be sewn or placed on the back of each quilt. The
cloth label must include the Guild Member Name and Quilt title. The Quilt Sleeve and
Label Information are available in the “Downloads or Quilt Show” section on the Web site.
Quilt Drop Dates:
Monday, September 27, 5 PM -7 PM at Linda Hartman’s house.
Tuesday, September 28, 10 AM – 4:30 PM at Franklin County Visitors Center.

Quilt Pick-up

After the Quilt Show is over on Sunday, October 31, the takedown committee will begin removing
the quilts from the frames on Monday, November 1 and Tuesday, November 2. After all the quilts
are taken down, the Pick-up process will begin on Wednesday, November 3. One reason we wait
until all quilts are taken down and sorted into the appropriate stack is that many Guild Members
have more than one quilt registered, and it is more efficient to return all their quilts at once. The
time for picking up your quilts on Wednesday will be between 10 AM and 3 PM. If a quilter works
during the day on Wednesday, they can pick up their quilt on Saturday, November 13, between
10 AM and 1 PM before the Guild Monthly Meeting. Guild Members are encouraged to bring their
white ticket(s) with them to pick-up their quilts. It makes the verification process easier.
Quilt Pick-up Dates:
Wednesday, November 3, 10 AM – 3 PM at Franklin County Visitors Center.
Saturday, November 13, 10 AM – 1 PM at Franklin County Visitors Center