Challenge Quilt

Participants use the same starting idea given by the committee to make their own creations.  The challenge could be a theme, a color, a pattern, or a method. The finished pieces are revealed at the February meeting.

Challenge Quilt 2022-2023

This challenge is for all levels and it is all about shopping from your own stash. To purchase the sampler block pattern booklets, please refer to the attached flyer for purchasing information and for the introduction and guidelines to the challenge. 
Contact Evelyn Lindecamp with questions

(Click Here – Introduction Flyer)

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Tips, Tricks, Techniques

Purchasing the Instructions

Challenge Quilt 2020-2021

 2020-2021 Sisterhood
Challenge # 1
Our FIRST CHALLENGE of this Guild year is going to be TOP SECRET! Since this
project will be presented at our February meeting in a CONTEST for everyone to guess
the designer, we are asking you not to share details (even with your best quilter
buddies)! This project does not depend on skill level but on CREATIVITY! This is going
to be lots of fun and we want everyone to get involved!! We are asking you to do a:
1.) It should express your personality thru the use of: colors, fabrics, graphics and lots
of embellishments!
a.) Finished size should equal 24 inches square, choose your format: a wall
hanging, a framed portrait, a pillow,
etc. b.) You may NOT
use “transfer printed
photos.” c.) Register your
project with
us. d.) Pictures of your
portrait must be submitted by FEBRUARY

2.) PRIZES will be given
for- a.) Best
likeness b.) Most

CHALLENGE #2. Will then be announced in February! Contact us with registrations or
questions: Kris Ricci, and Linda
You can Google all sorts of ideas under things like: How to make portraits on
fabric…or…Fabric portrait instruction. Remember- we are NOT looking at artistic talent
but at creativity!
– Linda Hartman, Kris Ricci

Challenge Quilt 2018

Any size 

Two colors – can read as one color (varying shades of a color) or can be solid color

Challenge Quilt 2018

Any size 

Any color

NO right angles !!

NOT in the border !!

NOT anywhere !!!



Challenge Quilt 2017



The Challenge if you decide to accept it is a nine patch quilt, due in May 2018, any color, any size, any variation. “9-Patch”