Round Robin Quilt

Participants make their own center block which is passed each month to another member for the next segment.  Members will not see their own blocks again until the big reveal in May. This is done alternate quilt years beginning in September of an odd year.

Round Robin Quilt 2023

Our theme is “Around-the-Block” quilts. Which begins with a theme block that is surrounded by smaller blocks placed “around the block.” The smaller blocks all relate to the theme, subject matter, and color scheme. One of the fun aspects of Round Robin Quilt making is that each participant has an active part in the design process for each person’s quilt. The Around-the-Block format also provides this opportunity, but at the end of the rotations, the owner has the option of reorganizing the various blocks created by the participants.

Round Robin Instructions   Click Here

Suggestions for Spacer Blocks: When printing make sure the printer scale is set for 100%. Make sure you measure the printed template to be sure size is correct.

Spacer Blocks Templates   Click Here