The Chambersburg Quilt Guild offers something for everyone!


Members can choose to participate in any or all activities that help individuals grow in the art of quilt making. Many of our projects involve giving back to the community.



Challenge: Participants use the same starting idea given by the committee to make their own creations. The challenge could be a theme, a color, a pattern, or a method. The finished pieces are revealed at the February meeting.

Christmas Exchange Block: A Christmas Block is decided on by the committee. Kits with directions will be available for sale for a nominal fee. All completed blocks turned in by the December meeting will be given away in a drawing for all who participated.

Christmas Tea: Everyone participates in our annual event planned by the Tea Committee for fellowship and fun at the December meeting.

Friendship Block: Each year the membership honors the outgoing President with a set of signature blocks. Kits contain two blocks so the extra will be given away in a drawing at the May meeting.

Grand Finale: A potluck meal at the May meeting is the grand finale for the year.

Secret Quilting Friend: A Secret Quilting Friend is assigned to each member who signs up for this activity. Each month the secret quilting friend brings their recipient 3 fat quarters. They might include an extra treat or remember a birthday. Benefactors are revealed at the May meeting.

Mystery Quilt: Participants follow step-by-step instructions to complete a quilt top, not knowing what the result will be until the very end. This is done every other quilt year beginning in September of an even year. The finished pieces are revealed at the May meeting.

The Raffle Quilt: is an annual major fund-raising project for the guild. The committee selects a design, prepares kits and distributes kits to volunteer members for individual construction. Completed blocks are assembled and the completed project is quilted. All members are asked to sell tickets as well as help sell tickets at various events through the year. The quilt is then raffled off. A portion of the proceeds go to a community organization or charity selected annually by vote of the membership. As of 2014, more than $32,000 has been donated back to our community. The remainder of the proceeds goes toward workshops and education for our guild members.

Round Robin: Participants make their own center block which is passed each month to another member for the next segment. Members will not see their own blocks again until the big reveal in May. This is done alternate quilt years beginning in September of an odd year.

Quilt Show : The Chambersburg Quilt Guild produces a lovely quilt show every other year. There is no charge for this event. It is scheduled in conjunction with the Chambersburg activities in October. This is our opportunity to share quilts and the art of quilt making within the community. We display between 150 and 200 quilts and other quilted items. We encourage you to come and enjoy this functional and stunning art form. There are quilting demonstrations, a boutique table and raffle basket ticket sales. This event is a great fundraiser for the guild so that we can have wonderful programs throughout the year.

Bus Trip: A bus trip to a quilt show in Pa. and nearby states is sponsored by the Guild. Details are announced at the meetings and in The Bee Line.

 Retreat: The Guild sponsors 2 retreats a year in each the Spring and Fall. They are held at the Byers Conference Center in Roxbury, Pa. The basic package is from Friday through Sunday afternoon with 4 meals provided, but there are various options to start your stay as early as Tuesday or just come for the day. This is a great opportunity to meet members, get to know them better, devote time to quilting and have a great time. Click here for more information.

Other Activities:

Demonstrations: The Chambersburg Quilt Guild has set up quilting demonstrations and displays of completed quilts at local celebrations such as the Village of Laurel Run’s Ice Cream Social.

Area Clubs: Our members participate in several clubs meeting in the Chambersburg area. Click here to see a list of clubs with meeting and contact information.

Sewing get-togethers such as for National Quilting Day in March and Make a Difference Day are used to make quilts or items to be donated.


Baby Quilts: are made by members and donated throughout the year. These quilts are given to various organizations and distributed to those in need. They are made with care and size is approximately 36” by 45 “. Baby quilts must be quilted (not tied). We donate 30 to 60 quilts each year. Click here for more information.

Doll Quilts: are created by members for “Toys for Tots” and distributed by the Marine Corps during the holiday season. Approximately 100 or more are created and donated by our membership each year. Click here for more information.


Nominating: This committee chooses nominees for office for the following year and presents them for approval by the membership at the April meeting with installation following the Grand Feast in May.

Sunshine Committee: The Sunshine Chair recruits volunteers to serve as greeters at monthly meetings. The greeter’s welcome visitors, new members, and current members, pointing out the various pre-meeting activities and sign-ups going on.


The Franklin County Quilt Documentation Project was a 5-year collaboration between the Chambersburg Quilt Guild and members of the Franklin County, Pa. community. The Guild undertook this multiple year project to document quilts made before 1950 and currently residing in Franklin County. Sites were set up to register, document histories and photograph quilts for the publication of a book. This book, “Quilt Treasures of Yesteryear” was completed and published in 2009. A committee formed from the membership, the board and the documentation committee met to recommend disbursements of proceeds from book sales. A total of $14,800 was given to organizations within our community. We gifted approximately 60 books to libraries, secondary schools, historical societies and museums in the area. Use contact page to email for more information about this publication