General Information

General Retreat Information



May be changed due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions

What is Retreat?

Basically, a quilt retreat provides a place for you to totally immerse yourself in your passion for quilting.  Surrounded by the energy of other creative sew-aholics and free from those little things that distract you al home, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

The Retreat Committee strives to provide everyone a congenial and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to concentrate on whatever projects you bring.  You can come just for the day and bring your own food (new! an evening meal option is available for day attendees!), or stay at the lodge and have your meals provided.  We also enjoy demos, occasional outside vendors, professional machine cleaning (fee), door prizes and a Quilter’s Yard Sale.

Think you are too much of a beginner?  You will literally be surrounded by sewists eager to help. Want to be inspired?  Check out the amazing works of art being created around you.  When you need a break, visit the snack table, take a stroll on the grounds,  or sign up for a massage (fee).

All this is provided for a very reasonable cost.  Get a registration form from the Retreat Committee or download one from the “Retreat” tab on the guild website:

We hope you will join us!

What should I bring

For those electing to lodge at Roxbury, linens and towels are provided.  Bring your own toiletries and  hairdryers.

Dinner is available at 5 p.m. everyday.  Brunch is served at 10 a.m. from Wednesday to Saturday and 9 am on Sunday.  All overnight lodgers begin meals with dinner on the day they arrive, and end with brunch on the day they depart.  Exceptions may be possible if coordinated with the Retreat Registrar in advance.  An evening meal option is available for day-only attendees, or you can provide your own meals.  A full kitchen is available.  Please label everything and remove leftovers when you leave.  There are also nearby convenience stores and restaurants.

SEWING SUPPLIES:  Don’t overload!  Be sure to pack the power cord and foot pedal for your machine.  Remember all your supplies must fit in the workspace you are given.  Separate travel tables for machines are allowed if they do not block the aisle, or between tables.

Several irons, ironing boards, cutting mats and 6”x24” rulers are provided by the committee for everyone’s use.   One ironing station will be available for fusibles. Small, travel irons are permitted within your personal sewing space.  Free-standing design walls will be available.  We are not allowed to adhere anything to the walls of the conference center.  No tape.  No “Command” Strips.  Do bring a personal trash bag — a paper bag taped to the table works fine.

Tables and chairs are available on both floors for hand work.  A large quilt basting station will be available on the upper floor.

You are welcome to bring anything quilt or sewing related to sell at the Quilter’s Yard Sale on the upper floor.  Put your name and price on the articles – the money exchange is between buyer and seller. You will have to remove anything left at the end of retreat.

Please fill out the Retreat Medical Form and bring it with you.

Fire Safety

Lodgers should familiarize themselves with fire safety info posted in their rooms upon arrival.  In the event of a fire or fire alarm, please exit the building via the nearest exit and proceed to the back of the Legacy Building next door, near the fire pit.  The Retreat Committee will do a room check and roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for.  To facilitate this, we ask everyone to place a post-it note on your machine with your name and destination.  Remove the post-it note when you return.


Specific information on Registration, Rules, Accommodations, Activities, Facility, Meals and Directions are available from the Main Retreat Menu